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Few important information

  1. Because of the very hot weather entrance to the show on Thursday will be from 16,30 and on other days from 17,30. Judging for the International shows will start on all nights at 19,30.
  2. On Friday Mr Gunnar Nymann will judge his breeds in the ring 15 and after he finishes in the same ring will judge Mr Miroslav Bedekovic Dobermann Specialty. Mrs Jadranka Smojver Selimovic will judge in the ring 16.
  3. Specialty for English Bulldogs will start on Saturday at 22,30 in the ring 16. Specialty for Schnauzers will start at midnight in the ring 6 and Specialty for the FCI group 9 in the rings 1 – 5 at midnight.
  4. On Saturday 13 Italian Greyhounds will be judged in the ring 10 in the same order as it is now by Mr Oliver Simon. Mrs Molinari is judging them at the World show and is not allowed to judge them. Before and after this breed Mrs Molinari will be judging all other designated breeds in the ring 10 as planned.

catalog numbers

All the catalog numbers are now available in the online application in My Documents.

change of judge

Unfortunately Mr Svend Lovenkjaer has cancelled his judging in Split. His breeds will be divided between the already existing judges.

tents & entrance

There will be more information coming in the next few days but just to answer two most asked questions.

  1. You can build up you tents on Wednesday from 21 till 23 and on Thursday from 16. Tents can stay at the showground till the end of the shows on Sunday night. Please remember it is strong ground so you need something heavy or strong to secure them.
  2. Entrance for dogs that are not shown and for people (extra people with entered dogs or just visitors) is FREE OF CHARGE!
    See you soon ❤️


There are very few dogs left to be checked and by the end of the week we will publish the final statistics and ring schedules.
If everything is ok with your entry your confirmation is available in the online application if you click in My documents section. Please check that you have the confirmation and that all details (specially breed, sex & class) are correct. On the same place in a few days you will be able to download your catalog numbers for all shows.
If you have any questions please write us to
See you soon ❤️

map of the showground

Here is the map of the showground for you to see. Entrance will be possible from two sides – from the main road next to the VIP parking and from the unloading area. We will have a huge restaurant with many different menus and drinks, water for the dogs and people will be available on four places at the showground, the same as electricity – just bring your long cables so you can bring it directly to your tents. You will be able to put up the tents on Wednesday and leave them all days, the whole showground will be fenced and with security. All the grey area is for the tents, it is a normal ground so just bring something strong to secure them. There will be a lot of light, but these are not stadium lights so if you bring extra lights for the inside of the tents you will not be sorry. All the rings will have carpets with the artificial grass. We are doing all in our power to have a wonderful show for all of you. Also of course, there will be a direct exit from the showground to the beach if you decide to refresh yourself during the break.

See you soon

last day for the entries

Ok, the day has come! We are ready for the last 24 hours for your entries for our four International & five Specialty shows! New showground on the beach and top judges are waiting for all of you! Statistics are updated. Please understand that in these last 24 hours we can’t cancel or change any entries. And no way we will prolongate the entry deadline, there is just no time left! So it’s now or never 😜

See you all very soon

2 more days

Watching or competing in the supreme Best in show in Split is an experience like no other.