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Janusz was born into a doggy family whose home was ruled by the Pekingese. They were his first dogs and constant companions throughout his childhood and youth. Of course, he focused on this wonderful breed and bred Pekingese exclusively under his own kennel name LIWANG for over 20 years.

His long pampered dream of breeding Basenjis came true in 1991, when he finally managed to bring to Poland the first Basenji ever from the world-famous kennel Horsley’s of Jayne Wilson-Stringer. Since then, Basenjis have been his main interest as a breeder. Janusz has bred 23 litters in the last 30 years; some of his Basenjis had really spectacular show careers, with Ch. SELMA Liwang reaching for the highest accolade – BOB at Crufts 2022. They have bred many other Basenjis who were successful show dogs, but his true pride and joy is that they were all true to the original type & lineage and had a reliable temperament.

Janusz’ first concern has always been the welfare of his dogs and no show success can match the pride & joy of watching his puppies grow up and grow old in their loving and caring families.

His ongoing interest in dogs led him to own and breed on a small scale several other breeds he fell in love with. Thus Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Cairn Terriers, Smooth Chihuahuas, Tibetan Spaniels & Whippets lived alternately with his family and their Basenjis, bringing them a lot of joy and an unique chance to understand such different breeds from their own experience, every day.

Janusz got his first license to judge Pekingese and other toy breeds; then he progressed for Hounds first, then other groups and finally was granted all breed status in 2005.


A nature and animal lover, dogs have always been present in her life. She began breeding more than thirty years ago with Dobermanns. The first Clubsieger in Puppy Class at the 1st Spanish Dobermann Club Show was a dog from her first litter. Subsequently, she has bred other breeds, such as Spanish Galgo, Spanish Mastiff, Miniature Schnauzer, Pointer… and Yorkshire Terrier, although her heart breed is the Afghan Hound, the breed that her family has always had.

She studied architecture at the Madrid Higher Technical School of Architecture, but later took up her real vocation of journalism, where she became the director of the Central Press News Agency. She gave up political and financial journalism to combine her two great passions: journalism and the dog world, joining the staff of the magazine “El Mundo del Perro”, of which she was editor-in-chief for four years.

Then, with her husband, Carlos Salas, found the publishing house “PUBLICACIONES CANINAS” and edited for many years the magazines: “La Revista del Perro” (one of the best dog magazines ever to have existed around the world), “La Guía del Perro” and “La Revista del Perro Pastor Alemán” (magazine specialising in German Shepherd Dogs) also, she is the co-author, with Carlos Salas, of “The New Book of The Yorkshire Terrier”.

They both are also the co-owners of the affix “La Villa y Corte”, under which they have bred with great success Miniature Schnauzers, Pointers and, above all, Yorkies. With Yorkshire Terriers they have obtained more than 300 championship titles all around the world, including three consecutive generations of World Winners, many European Winners, and many BIS and BISS. Without any doubt, “La Villa y Corte” is one of the most prestigious Yorkshire Terrier kennels in Europe and one of those that enjoys the widest recognition worldwide, with champions in America, Europe and Asia.

Their achievements include winning, on several occasions and with different dogs, at the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America National Specialty and the Yorkshire Terrier Club of Greater New York, at the International Show marking the 100th Anniversary of the Japan Kennel Club in Tokyo… and as well, Best of Breed at Crufts 2016 (125 Crufts Anniversary) and also at Crufts 2018.

Champions from their kennel, such as “Maserati de La Villa y Corte”, “Ferrari de La Villa y Corte”, “Torero de La Villa y Corte”, “Formula 1 de La Villa y Corte”, “Lara Croft de La Villa y Corte”, “Red Bull de La Villa y Corte”… etc. now form part of Yorkshire Terrier history all over the world.

Ana has been an FCI judge since 17th March, 1994. She is an FCI all round judge and Yorkshire Terrier specialist by the Spanish Yorkshire Terrier Club. She’s also considered a specialist in Toys and Sighthounds breeds. She has judged at championship level in the most important countries all around the world during last 28 years.

Currently, she is a member of the Judges Board of the Royal Canine Society of Spain (Spanish Kennel Club).


Architect & Social Media Influencer born in Mexico City. Along with his parents, Juan is the breeder, owner and handler of Afghans of Damos (Home of The top winning Hounds in the history of Mexico since 1980). His judging career started as the youngest FCI all breed International Judge. As a Junior Handler he won the World Championship three times, earned third place at Crufts and was a finalist at Westminster Kennel Club.

Mr. Miranda’s great achievements have been worldwide; Best in Show at the FCI Americas & Caribbean Section Winner 2012 & 2019, Reserve Best in Show at FCI European Dog Show Winner 2017, World Dog Show 2022 Group Winner, Best of Breed and Award of Merit five times at the Afghan Hound Club of America’s National Specialties, three times Best of Breed at the AKC National Championship Show, Best Opposite Sex and Award of Merit at WKC. He has piloted his dogs to their World Championships.

In Mexico Afghans of Damos won the Best Dog of the Year, Best Mexican Breeder of the Year and four times Champion of Champions Winner. He has also obtained the title BIS with other breeds owned and co-owned: Whippet, Doberman, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Brittany Spaniel, Xoloitzcuintli and the top winning Pomeranian and Saluki in the history of Mexico.

Mr. Miranda has judged at the five continents, included The World Dog Show, The AKC National Championship, The Afghan Hound World Congress, Americas & Caribbean Section Show. Sighthound & Toy & Working Specialties in USA, Europe and Australia.

He also judged the 146th Annual Westminster Kennel Club in 2022, the Americas & Caribbean Section Show 2022 in San Salvador and in 2023 he will judge BIS at Sidney Royal Show in Australia.

Juan is an Architect graduated from La Salle University Mexico City in 2011, studied graduates Urban Photography, Contemporary & Restoration Architectural in Mexico, China, Hong Kong, the Netherlands and the United Arabian Emirates, currently working in the construction company of his family and his own public relations agency.


My life related to cynology and Bichon Frises began in 2002 when I got my first female after years of love and sincere dedication to dogs. In the beginning it was a light hobby and

fascination with the breed, which further resulted as an increasing interest in quality breeding and showing. After that, together with my friend with whom I share the same “vision” about the breed, the “Kamians” story has started.

Our breeding includes a sufficient number of litters among which there were really high-quality dogs successful now all over the world. Among them we certainly need to mention the female who became the first Serbian International champion in the breed as well as the first “Junior European Winner” of Serbian breeding under our ownership. Our breeding includes healthy and high quality tested dogs. We are proud of a large number of international and national champions who

successfully compete in all continents. In breeding we try to import and use healthy and high-quality dogs of good and typical temperament.

Traveling to shows all over Europe I met quality dogs of different breeds who aroused my curiosity to learn more about them. Attending the Canine Academy at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Belgrade I became a national judge for all dogs from the Companion and Toy group and three years later became an International judge.

It is a special honor that in the world of cynology I am perceived as a group specialist, and in addition to numerous International and National domestic and foreign shows, I am mostly invited to judge Specialty shows, which will be an opportunity this time as well.

It is worth mentioning that I am also the member of Bichon and toy dog clubs in few different countries with huge interest in health due to my main ocupation in Human medicine.

Also, a special talent in grooming led me to the world of teaching so I am also very active in holding Bichon Frise grooming seminars around Europe.

Judging Split shows will be once in a life experience and I am looking forward to be the part of a great judging pannel.


Roberto has been actively involved in world of dogs for over four decades, becoming an FCPR/FCI all breed judge in 1985. He held numerous official positions including the Executive Director of the Federación Canófila de Puerto Rico and member of the FCI Show and Judges Commission. On August 27th 2022 the Board of Directors of the FCPR elected him as the President of the organization.

He was the nominated FCI official delegate at the World Dog Shows in Mexico in 1999 & 2007, and at the section shows for the Americas and El Caribe for Peru 2002 and Costa Rica 2004. Additionally he was appointed as FCI observer for the World Dog Show in Mexico 2007 and Las Americas and El Caribe section show 2006 in Colombia, 2014 in Costa Rica and Mexico in 2019.

Extensive international judging assignments have taken him around the world, officiating in many countries including the FCI World Shows in Peru, Argentina, Poland, Mexico, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Germany, France, Hungary, Finland and China. He has enjoyed other notable assignments in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Australia, Ireland, Brazil, Bolivia, Canada, Russia, Spain, Gibraltar, France, Slovakia, USA, Chile, Venezuela, Guatemala, Argentina, Panamá, Costa Rica, Colombia, Croatia, Slovenia, Iceland, New Zealand, Turkey, Cyprus, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Thailand, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Egypt, India and Moldova among many other countries.

Prior to concentrating on his judging and official roles he was an accomplished breeder and exhibitor. Roberto gained Champion Status, and was most famously known for the many Afghans he bred and exhibited under the kennel prefix “RADESA”. Over the years he has also bred and exhibited with great success Briards, Whippets, Scottish Deerhounds and Lakeland Terriers.

From 1983 till 2015 he worked in a Public Relation & Advertising Company called Imagen Optima. Now officially retired he dedicates all his time to his local kennel club Federación Canófila de Puerto Rico. His contribution to the sport is noticeable, with the aid of his team.


We might say that dogs have been the centre of both Carlos’ personal and professional life.

After studying Political and Economic Sciences, he commenced his serious relationship with the dog world and, for the last fifty years, his activities have included: breeding, exhibiting, training, judging, writing, photographing and editing specialised dog magazines.

He began with hunting dogs, which through his family had formed part of his life since he was a child and he is still passionate about English Pointers of which he is a Specialist Judge.

Carlos was the founding member of the Official Club of the Spanish Mastiffs (AEPME) in 1981, he is the Specialist Judge of the breed and author of the “Plan de Cría” (“AEPME Breeding Planing”) established from 1998.

At the end of the seventies he worked as a guard and protection dog trainer (holding a diploma in Obedience and Protection from the School of Animal Psychology, Techniques and Arts, which is recognised by the Spanish General Council of Veterinary Associations).

As a dog show handler, his greatest victories include winning Best in Show at the 1983 World Dog Show with the Spanish Mastiff “Tigre” and in Yorkshire Terriers winning twice Best of Winners at the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America National Specialty held in New York with “Torero de La Villa y Corte” and the title of World Winner with “Huri de La Villa y Corte”, both of which were bred by him and his spouse.

He enjoys recognised prestige internationally as a photographer and his photographs have been published in dozens of specialised books and magazines. His innate interest in studying and researching into everything related to different dog breeds, their origins and development has led him to collaborate assiduously with most of the publications that have existed in that sector in Spain since the end of the seventies, such as “Doggy People”, “Don Perro”, “Vida de Perros”, “El Mundo del Perro” (of which he was the editor), Guau (of which he was the technical editor), the daily newspaper “El País”, the magazine “Futuro”, etc…

Likewise, with his wife Ana Mesto, he is the editor and owner of “La Revista del Perro”, the dog magazine with the greatest international prestige and also of “La Revista del Perro Pastor Alemán”, a magazine specialising in German Shepherd Dogs and “La Guía del Perro”, an annual magazine.

He is the co-author of “El Nuevo Libro del Yorkshire Terrier” with Ana Mesto and of “The Ultimate Book of Mastiff Breeds” in his chapter about the Spanish Mastiff.

A convinced advocate of native Spanish breeds, he was a member of the Spanish Breeds Commission in the eighties, during the period when several of these breeds were studied and gained official status.

As well, with his wife Ana Mesto, he breeds under the affix “La Villa y Corte” which is one of the most important affixes worldwide for Yorkshire Terriers. In this breed they have bred many World and European Winners, International Champions and champions of different countries in three continents. In 2016 and 2018 they won BOB at Crufts and UK Champion title with their dog BISS, BIS, Multi Ch. “Red Bull de La Villa y Corte”. Under the same affix they have also made up champions in Miniature Schnauzers and English Pointers.

In 1988 Carlos collaborated in introducing and publicising Agility in Spain and, with the collaboration of CEAC (an important private educational organisation) and the sponsorship of Royal Canin, he organised the first course for Agility Monitors in Spain.

He has been an FCI judge since 18th of January 1990. He judges Best in Show and he is a specialist judge for Yorkshire Terriers, Spanish Mastiffs, Spanish Galgos, Ibizan Hounds, all Schnauzers, Dogo Canarios and English Pointers. In addition, he is an international judge for the FCI Groups 2, 3 and 8, and various breeds in different FCI Groups (1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10).

In 2011 he judged Best in Show at the Spanish Kennel Club’s Centenary Show, one of the most important dog shows of all times celebrated to date in Spain.

For several years he has been a member of the Board of the Spanish Kennel Club (RSCE), a member of its Judges Commission and the Delegate for Spanish Breeds.


Dr. Constantinos was born in Limassol, Cyprus. Dog lover since his childhood, he grew up with English Pointers as his father used to breed them for hunting and shows. He entered the world of purebred dogs when he bought his first Boxer. His love for Cynology led him to follow a career in Veterinary Medicine.

He purchased his first Boston Terrier during his student years and showed it around Europe, winning shows and gaining experience. When he finished his degree, he returned to Cyprus where he established his kennel “ONIRAMA.” His Bostons have won numerous shows and specialties in Europe and the USA.

Dr. Constantinos has continued his professional education with a postgraduate Certificate in Small Animal Surgery and Ultrasound, and he is currently applying for his Master’s in Cardiology.

He is an active member of the Cyprus Kennel Club, the Health and Breeding Committee, the Judging Committee and he is the Vice president of the Small Breed Club of Cyprus.

Dr. Constantinos is an all-round F.C.I. judge and has judged in numerous countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, USA and South America and presented educational seminars to clubs about canine structure and health.


It was in the early seventies in the UK when I was working in a Terrier kennel that I started to be involved with the show dogs.

My younger brother pushed me and gave me the strength to import our first Irish Setter and a year later a Golden Retriever.

Although my passion have always been Terriers, and Scottish in particular. Soon later we started to show and breed this lovely breed from top kennels like “Stuane”, later came “ Bryo” and “Scarista” and for a few years we had big success.

West Highland White Terriers were also at home for several years, as well as Kerries and Chows.

However the breed we have most enjoyed

in the last twenty years have been the Cairn Terriers we imported from Sweden and Scotland.

In the recent years I keep my time judging and enjoying the dogs from my brother’s kennel.


I was born into the Sport. My father, two uncles and grandfather’s brother were professional handlers. I have been very active in the Sport for over 60 years.

I was raised at the famous Mardormere Kennels of Whippets and Greyhounds. As a very young teenager I bred Norwich Terriers. My very first dog over 65 years ago was a Lakeland. For about 30 years I was very successful with Chows.

I have been judging for 47 years. I have judged in every Continent of the World. I judged the WDS in 2018, 2019 and 2022. I judged Best in Show at the legendary Morris and Essex show in 2021. This past December I judged Best in Show at the AKC NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW.

Looking forward to my assignment at Split this Summer.


Svend has been involved with dogs all his life. His passion for dogs started when he was no more than 12 years old and got his first Schnauzer. At that time he was living in Sweden and was helping out regularly at a Schnauzer Kennel. That gave him the opportunity to show the Kennel ́s dogs, as well as his own. Showing and breeding dogs remained a major part of his life – mainly English Springer Spaniels and

Newfoundlands; he made up several Champions and World Winners.

For the last 25 years he has been living in Denmark and it was there that he began judging. He feels that his position as an all-breed judge is a tremendous privilege. It has taken him to many parts of the world. However, in all his experience, he has never lost his great respect for dogs, breeders and exhibitors.


President of the Clube Português de Canicultura since 1985.

Member of the FCI General Committee 1987/1999.

Member of the FCI Executive Commitee and Treasurer of the FCI 1995/1999.

Elected again to the FCI Board in 2013.

Vice President of the FCI 2017/2019.

Gold Member of the VDH (Baron Von Gilgismedallion 2008).

Vice President of the FCI Judges Committee 2010/2014.

Honorary Life Member of the FCI since 2011.

President of the Sighthound Club of Portugal, Portuguese Water Dog Club of Portugal and Pointer Club of Portugal. Honorary Member of the Portuguese Boxer Club, Portuguese Rottweiler Club, Portuguese Dachshund Club, Portuguese Podengo Club of America, Portuguese Water Dog Club of America, Patron of the Portuguese Water Dog Club of Great Britain.

All Round Judge of the FCI since 1983, recognized to judge at championship level by the A.K.C., K.C. of UK, C.K.C. and A.N.K.C. of Australia.

Carla has judged all breeds in all countries of Europe, North America, Canada, Asia, Africa and Australia. She judged 12 times at Cruft’s Dog Show including the Hound Group in 2015 and has judged BIS in many countries of the world. She judged twice at the Eukanuba World Challenge and at most of the World Dog Shows over the past 25 years and also has judged at several FCI Section shows in the 3 main Sections (Europe, Asia & Americas).

Carla has been a successfull breeder under VALE NEGRO name since 1963, having bred German Shepherds (1963), Afghans & Salukis (1967), Mini Dachshunds (1978), Whippets, Italian Greyhounds & Pointers (1983), Portuguese Water Dogs (1983), Podengos (1990), Pekingese (1980), Japanese Chins (1998) and Transmontano Mastiffs (2005). She has produced over 200 Champions in all these breeds, including multi champions, international, World Winners and European Winners.

As an author she has contributed to many books and magazines in dog related matters and has written 4 books, namely The Portuguese Water Dog (2 editions), the Portuguese Podengo vizualized standard, The Portuguese Water Dog in History and the Transmontano Mastiff.


Dogs have been an important part of my whole life.

I grew up with German Shepherds and started breeding them at a young age.

25 years ago I started breeding different Terrier breeds under the kennel name „The Best Colour“. I bred more than 30 litters of Irish, Lakeland, Welsh, Kerry Blue, Soft Coated Wheaten and Airedale Terriers and also a few litters of Miniature Schnauzers. I bred and owned more than 100 national and International Champions inlcuding several European and World Winners.

I was born in Zagreb, Croatia and I am a veterinary techican by profession.

As a young girl I started grooming and showing different breeds and during that time I won multiple Bests in Show with different dogs and won many grooming competitions.

More recently I have put my passion for breeding and showing aside as my husband Oliver, who is an FCI all breed judge, and I travel a lot and run two very busy and successful grooming shops.

In 2014 I started my judges education and I have so far judged numerous Specialty, National and International shows all around the world, including the World dog show in Germany.

I am permitted to judge all the breeds from the FCI groups II, III, IV, VIII & IX and few breeds from the FCI group I.

I have dedicated my whole life to dogs and I enjoy sharing our everyday life with my 13,5 years old Irish Terrier female and our new German Shepherd puppy. I also love judging dogs and I am very passionate about my job which icludes grooming of different breeds, whether they be purely companions or successful show dogs.


Sinisa had his first encounter with cynology in 1967, and immediately in 1968 he became the secretary of the Club for German Shepherds and other sporting dogs. He passed his first judging exam in 1969, firstly for Working breeds, that making him today one of the oldest judges in Ex Yugoslavia. Today he is a judge for all breeds of FCI group I; group II except Min Pinschers and Min Schnauzers, Airedale Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers from the FCI Group III and Dalmatians from FCI group VI.

He got his first dog, a Great Dane, Multi Ch. Bongo von Margrenland in 1968 from Germany. He is a well known specialist judge for the Great Danes and he judged the breed at European, World and EUDDC shows.

He is a founder of the Club for German Shepherds and their long-time secretary, and one of the founders of the club for the American Staffordshire Terriers. He has been on Board of CKC (nowadays called Executive Committee) for 22 years and he was the President and Secretary of the Committee for Sports Cynology. He has been awarded twice the gold badge of CKC and had the honour to receive the gold medal of the Committee of the Yugoslav Kennel Club, and a gold medal and a plaque of Kennel Association of Vojvodina. At the moment he is the member of the Croatian Kennel Club’s Executive Board.

His last dog was an American Staffordshire Terrier who died at the age of 15 and who was a well known BIS winner all over Europe.